About DevRonn Ent.

Like magnets we attract what we put out into the universe..

DevRonn is all about living well, being happy and having a balanced life. So much stress is in our world today, and we wanted to create a place that reflects what we have learned in life and what works for us to share with you! We believe you must have balance in all areas of life, home, work, relationships and health. Our products help give you balance in all of those areas through books, music, nutrition, exercise and creativity. These are products we believe work and make a difference in our world. Life is meant to “live well” and that is our slogan.

DevRonn is committed to achieving our vision of a healthier, happier planet.We started with something that we knew we could help with, and make a difference, ‘Devin’s Kickass Cajun Seasoning’. A dollar for every spice sold will go into a “Katrina” account and as this builds, we will personally go down to New Orleans and donate money to the rebuilding of the city. We want to do it personally to make sure the money is being allocated in the places that need it the most. Our progress will be video taped and photographed to share with you all here. This is the first of many things we wish to achieve through our products. We believe all is possible with positive thinking and efforts made together. Together we can all make a difference so be happy, enjoy life, and live well!

-Devin and Ronn

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Devin Devasquez

Devin Devasquez

Author, Entrepreneur, Actress, Model

Devin DeVasquez made a name for herself as the ‘Star Search’ $100,000 spokesmodel on the hit talent show ‘Star Search’ and has been a successful model, actress, author and entrepreneur for over 25 years. She wanted to make a difference and help her home state of Louisiana and the city of New Orleans, so she created ‘Devin’s Kickass Cajun Seasoning’ and the ‘Cookin Cajun’ cookbook as an avenue to give back to her Cajun heritage and, preserve the great city of New Orleans. Together with her husband Ronn Moss they want to oversee rebuilding New Orleans to the authentic city it once was. She is also dedicated to helping others in the area of nutrition, health and well being with her upcoming book on keeping your life in balance. She believes in all the products that you see here and uses them in her everyday life.

Ronn Moss

Ronn Moss

Actor, Musician, Producer

Ronn Moss is an International television star and has portrayed “Ridge Forrester” for 25 years on the CBS series, ‘The Bold and The Beautiful’. He is also an accomplished musician with the band PLAYER, who had hit songs such as “Baby Come Back” and “This Time I’m In It For Love”. Ronn has joined together with his wife, Devin DeVasquez, to create products that they both love and enjoy, such as ‘Devin’s Kickass Cajun Seasoning’ which proceeds will help rebuild the city of New Orleans from the devastation of hurricane Katrina. He is also dedicated to helping others live well and stress free through music and balance. Ronn formed DevRonn as a place to help inspire people to live as well as they can, and supports mind, body and soul enlightenment through products that are found here on this site.